In-house vs. Hosted Exchange Cost Comparison

Powerful ROI paired with Increased Productivity.

As the core of your business communication – and the Thoughtbus 2011 Teamwork Bundle – Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 offers the features and flexibility you’d expect from the industry standard for robust, enterprise-class functionality.

With Thoughtbus Hosting your Microsoft Exchange, you receive fast, secure performance with very large mailboxes, anti-spam/anti-virus protection, Sharepoint and Exchange ActiveSync, so everyone can stay connected on their mobile device.

All backed up by our 365/24/7 Technical Support, and all for a fraction of the cost to host it in-house. (See Comparison Chart Below)

Hosted Exchange versus Exchange In-house

There are many advantages to selecting Hosted Exchange with over an In-house system:

  • Eliminate software and infrastructure costs
  • Simplify planning with predictable monthly costs
  • Minimize start-up costs and implementation time
  • Save big on support and customization services
  • No additional cost for Hosted Sharepoint and Activesync

The chart below compares what it would cost a 50-person organization to implement and operate Microsoft Exchange Server with Outlook versus using Thoughtbus Hosted Microsoft Exchange service for the first year.

Managing Microsoft Exchange In House: Thoughtbus Hosted Exchange Service:
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 license with 50 client access licenses (CALs) $3,350 50 people at $8.95/month/person, for 1 year (1st month free) with 30 GB Space Per User $4,922.50
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard with 50 CALs $1,800 Outlook 2010 Licenses $900
Outlook 2010 Licenses $1,580 Wireless Device Activesync FREE
Server Hardware $4,500+ Server-based Anti-spam/Anti-virus FREE
Backup Hardware and Software $8,000 Hosted SharePoint FREE
AntiVirus and AntiSpam Software License $1,050+ 365/24/7 Technical Support INCLUDED
Consultant Time to Setup and Deploy System - Assuming 120 Hours at $200/hour $24,000+
Consultant Time to Manage System – Assuming 5 hrs/week at $125/hour $32,500+
Cost of downtime due to server hardware problems and non-fault-tolerant implementation or consultant not available. ????
TOTAL: $76,780+ TOTAL: $5,822.50

Selecting Microsoft Exchange for enterprise messaging is a wise decision, but the choice of how to host and manage your critical business email and collaboration systems is of equal importance.

Choosing a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner like Thoughtbus as your hosted Exchange provider ensures your business receives world-class stability, security and scalability along with a robust corporate communications ecosystem. The Thoughtbus offering includes benefits such as:

  • Guaranteed availability with 24/7 monitoring of server systems and a 99.99% Service Level Agreement
  • Built and maintained by deeply knowledgeable Microsoft Exchange experts
  • Includes Ultimate Anti-Spam Protection with 97% spam detection coupled with the industry's lowest false positive levels
  • Multi-tier Anti-Virus Protection including 6 anti-virus engines
  • Available BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5, and Exchange ActiveSync synchronization of other wireless devices
  • Available Email Archiving, optionally with enhanced NASD, SEC and SOX compliance and continuity protection
  • Tier 3 hosting provides greater security, reliability, and availability
  • Low monthly price
  • Free Resource Mailboxes
  • Free 24/7 North American based Support
  • Enterprise-class hosting
  • Industry-leading 25 GB + disk space
  • Premium Administration Console

More Information about Thoughtbus Features & Benefits

Thoughtbus is committed to making secure, efficient Microsoft services as affordable as possible, especially when compared feature to feature with other hosted Exchange providers.

Customer Support

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February 27, 2013: If you have an iPhone or iPad that is running iOS 6.1, and your phone or tablet performs poorly after accepting a calendar invitation, please update your phone to iOS 6.1.2. Here is Apple's support article discussing this further.

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