Resource Mailboxes

What are Resource Mailboxes?

Resource mailboxes are mailboxes that represent either equipment, rooms or other shared resources. These mailboxes are simple and efficient ways to manage the scheduling and sharing of the resources. Resource Mailboxes are available for free with Thoughtbus Hosted Exchange.

Resource Mailbox types:

Thoughtbus 2011 - Equipment Resource: Schedule shared equipment, such as display projectors, sales-demo laptops, etc.
Thoughtbus 2011 - Room Resource: Schedule meeting rooms.
Thoughtbus 2011 - Shared Resource:  For general-purpose sharing, such as for team or project calendars, etc.

Creating a Resource mailbox:

  1. Logon to the Thoughtbus Administration Console at

  2. Click New User.

  3. Follow the wizard to enter the requested information.

  4. When you are prompted to select a plan to which to subscribe, use the drop-down to select one of the above types of resource.

  5. Enter the email address, click Next, and Finish.

  6. To specifiy who will manage the Resource Mailbox, select the new Resource User/Mailbox, click Edit, select the Plans tab, click Edit Feature, select the Mailbox Rights tab, and click Add. Note:  It is important to remember that Resource mailboxes have their associated User account disabled, so to work with the mailbox, grant yourself (or another user) Mailbox Rights on the Resource mailbox.

Using Resource Mailboxes:

When you schedule the event (via a meeting request), you can see if the resource is available and book it by searching for that resource in your Global address list and adding it to the “Attendee” list as you would any meeting attendee.
If the resource is available, the resource  will self-accept and book the time and date for the resource for you. If you book (send out a meeting invitation) a resource that was previously bookedready reserved, they will receive a “declined” response from that resource. 

Note: Depending on the version of your email client, you may be able to use the Scheduling Assistant feature to check availabilty or the resource and adding the resource as an attendee by clicking on the “Invite”/”Add” Attendees or “Add Rooms” buttons and sending out the meeting request. 

Changing Resource Mailbox Default Settings

By default, resource mailboxes auto-accept meeting invitations. You can view and update this and other default settings easily via Outlook Web Access:

  1. Grant yourself Full permission rights to the Resource Room mailbox via the Thoughtbus Admin Console at (for instructions for granting “Full permission” rights, please select step 13 from Using the Thoughtbus Administration Console.

  2. Logon to your mailbox via Outlook Web App at using Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10.

  3. In the upper right corner, click the drop-down to the right of your name (in this example, we’ve used a user named Admin1) and enter the Display Name of the Resource Room mailbox in the Select mailbox field. Click Open.  This opens a new Outlook Web Access window for the Resource mailbox.

  4. Once the Resource Room mailbox opens, click Options in the upper right corner, click See All Options, then Settings and then Resource.

Changing the “Maximum number of days in advance resources can be booked

  1. Change the Maximum number of day in advance resources are booked: from the default of 180 days up to a maximum of 1080 days (approximately 3 years).

  2. In the bottom right corner, click Save ( ) and then sign out from the resource mailbox.

Customer Support

If you have trouble getting connected to Thoughtbus, or require technical support:

Click here


February 27, 2013: If you have an iPhone or iPad that is running iOS 6.1, and your phone or tablet performs poorly after accepting a calendar invitation, please update your phone to iOS 6.1.2. Here is Apple's support article discussing this further.

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