Thoughtbus Unveils New Hosted Exchange Reseller Programs

To best provide the flexibility our customers are requesting as valued Resellers and Referrers, Thoughtbus is excited to release a new three level Referral/Reseller program that can be used to offer any Thoughtbus cloud service, including Hosted Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync, Hosted CRM and more.

Whether you are a VAR, trusted IT Advisor to your customers, or simply love your Thoughtbus hosted Exchange service and know of other organizations that could benefit, our competitive Reseller, Advisor and Referral programs are designed to fit your business model and customer’s needs. 

Resellers can sign up for all three and take advantage of the program that best fits each customer opportunity as they come to you:

Referral Program

  • Recommend Thoughtbus hosted Exchange and Sharepoint to organizations – that’s it!

  • When they sign up using your Referral Program Id, you will receive their 3rd Month of recurring revenue.

  • Read Referral Program Terms and Conditions, and sign up for the program Referral Program HERE to get started.

Advisor Program

  • Recommend the Thoughtbus service to your customers, and manage the sales process, with assistance from Thoughtbus as requested.

  • Thoughtbus will provide billing and technical support to the customer organization.

  • You will provide additional support, services and Thoughtbus order and subscription assistance as requested by your customer.

  • After only 60 days of services, earn generous commissions on the monthly recurring charges of your referral for as long as they are a Thoughtbus customer.

  • Read the Advisor Program Terms and Conditions, and sign up for the Advisor program HERE to get started.

Reseller/White Label Program

  • Offer the security and breadth of services provided by Thoughtbus while maintaining the seamless continuity of your service and brand.

  • You own the customer relationship and provide all support to your customer.

  • You price the service to your customers from our wholesale pricing provided to you, and bundle with any other services/support you offer.

  • You own the billing relationship with your customer.

  • Thoughtbus provides you with second level, US-based support 24x7.

  • Contact us for more information, and to sign up for the Reseller Program.

When our customers do well, we all benefit, and to that end we will continue to create programs and opportunities designed to give you the best selection of secure and reliable cloud-services available.

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February 27, 2013: If you have an iPhone or iPad that is running iOS 6.1, and your phone or tablet performs poorly after accepting a calendar invitation, please update your phone to iOS 6.1.2. Here is Apple's support article discussing this further.

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