Simplifying office logistics with Resource Mailboxes

Ever run around the office trying to find a conference room that is empty for your meeting, or get interrupted while in a meeting because someone wants to know when you'll be through so they can have the room? Or how about the projector that you would love to use but can't find?  Sometimes the seemingly smallest details can cause the biggest delays in your work day, and Resource Mailboxes are an easy way to remove these frustrations.

Included for free with your Thoughtbus hosted Exchange service, Resource Mailboxes are easy to set up and enable you to quickly reserve a conference room, projector or any other shared resource at the same time you are scheduling a meeting, or when you just need to reserve that laptop for a sales demo. (Thoughtbus offers up to 10 Resource Mailboxes per organization, or the number of Thoughtbus users in your organization, whichever is greater.)

There are three types of Resource Mailboxes: Equipment Resource, Room Resource or Shared Resource (for general shared items such as team calendars).  Review our Resource Mailbox support instructions for information on setting them up.

When Resource Mailboxes are offered by other hosted Exchange providers they are often an additional charge, but we are committed to offering them as a free included feature because we feel that they are an easy and useful tool to increase productivity and lower headaches throughout your work day, and are a natural complement to your Thoughtbus hosted Exchange mailbox.

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February 27, 2013: If you have an iPhone or iPad that is running iOS 6.1, and your phone or tablet performs poorly after accepting a calendar invitation, please update your phone to iOS 6.1.2. Here is Apple's support article discussing this further.

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