Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus

Building a safer inbox.

Even the best messaging solution is only as good as the tools in place to protect it from the annoyances and malicious threats that attempt to assault your inbox every day. Fortunately, Thoughtbus provides one of the most comprehensive anti-spam and anti-virus services offered by any hosted Microsoft Exchange service on the market.

Ultimate Anti-Spam Protector

Sophisticated server-based anti-spam technologies
We subscribe to multiple high-quality DNS Block Lists (DBLs) and Spam URL Block Lists (SURBLs) to provide spam protection against known spam senders, unsecured Internet SMTP servers and known spam URLs. This blocks a large portion of incoming spam.

Commtouch Anti-Spam Enterprise Solution
The industry's most reliable spam protection platform offers an unbeatable combination: near-perfect (97%) spam detection coupled with the industry's lowest false positive levels. As if that weren’t enough, Commtouch also delivers the following features and benefits.

  • Real-time detection means immediate protection from new spam outbreaks
  • Robust Administration Console enables organization-wide control of Site Quarantine and Site Rules
  • The User Policy Manager lets Thoughtbus end users and administrators define ‘approved' and ‘blocked' sender email addresses and domains, and manage User Quarantines
  • Excellent detection of sophisticated image-based spam
  • Integrated service accessed through standard Thoughtbus user account

Anti-Virus and Worm Protection

Worms and viruses can be dangerous and destructive. Thoughtbus protects you from these threats coming from inbound, outbound and internal emails.

Anti-virus engines
Thoughtbus 2011 includes 4 Virus-Blocking Engines:

  • Authentium
  • Norman
  • Kaspersky
  • Microsoft

High Performance Content and Attachment Checking
Many content security solutions do not scan for objects embedded in an attached file such as a Word document. This means that someone could send an executable simply by embedding it in the file. Thoughtbus identifies and quarantines dangerous emails by analyzing not only the content in the email, but also any attachment it contains.

Advanced Format Recognition
Many malicious emails might be compressed in relatively unknown formats. If your content security or anti-virus solution can not handle the format, you run the risk of the mail going straight through your content security solution. Thoughtbus has the ability to decompress up to 76 compression formats to evaluate their validity.

Exploit Shield Email Intrusion Detection and Defense
Thoughtbus uses this application that provides zero-day protection from malicious activity and stops malware at the first point of infection.

Our powerful combination of industry leading anti-spam, anti-virus and worm protection will ensure your data – and your piece of mind – are secure.

Customer Support

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February 27, 2013: If you have an iPhone or iPad that is running iOS 6.1, and your phone or tablet performs poorly after accepting a calendar invitation, please update your phone to iOS 6.1.2. Here is Apple's support article discussing this further.

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